Vicky Paul.

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Vicky Paul.
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About the speaker

Vicky Paul is a contemporary mixed media artist, intuitive and energy healer who’s work explores connection, transformation, metaphysics and Universal energy. Her signature colourful high vibe works capture the frequencies within the Universe - from nature, to humans, the cosmos and beyond.

Having studied art throughout school, and painted as a hobby for many years, Vicky started painting again after three miscarriages left her struggling to express how she was feeling. Initially as a form of therapy, she quickly realised the transformative power of art, colour and creativity, and it has since become an essential part of her life.

Vicky’s practise is deeply meditative, guided by the process rather than taking control of it. She runs group intuitive creative sessions, works with clients on a one-to-one basis, and paints Soul Energy Portraits, a unique visual reflection of your inner essence, and a co-creative journey that releases the stories/energy that may be holding you back from your passion, purpose and potential.