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Caroline Bliss
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About the speaker

Caroline is an Emotional Intuitive and teacher of Enlightenment. During a successful career as an actress, Caroline was introduced to the teachings of J. Krishnamurti, which began an inner questioning about the nature of life and her place in it.

After many years of internal struggle, during which she also brought up her family, Caroline was graced with a powerful awakening, which transformed her consciousness and revealed a path of compassion – through chaos to One-ness. Caroline’s philosophy is a practical one.

Having walked through her own limiting story to a personal freedom, she is able to listen with great clarity to others, seeing ways in which people trap themselves in their thoughts, beliefs, memories or emotions, and helping them move beyond these to a sense of their own perfection. For many years she has been running a series of retreats and workshops, guiding the seeker through Self-love to One-ness. Her first book, The Compassionate Heart was published in 2019