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Beata Alfoldi
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About the speaker

Medicine Woman, Shamanic Practitioner, Retreat Leader, Author, Healer, Ceremonialist and Keynote Speaker

Born in Hungary, Beáta is an international retreat leader, medicine woman and workshop facilitator, with a gift for assisting individuals through deep transformation. She facilitates private sessions, classes, workshops, international retreats and online programs. Beata created the ‘Integral Woman’ program for the Awareness Institute in Sydney and has also facilitated many transformational retreats in Australia, Peru, Mexico, Europe and Bali.

Beata has offered workshops and given presentations at the Eclipse Festival, Subsonic Music Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival and Byron Spirit Festival. She was also invited to contribute a chapter to the book Shamanism for the New Millennium, which became an Amazon #1 Bestseller and is featured in the documentary film – ‘The Heroine’s Journey’ which is due to be released in 2023. Beáta lives in the mountains of Portugal and travels to Central and South America every year. She is passionate about inspiring individuals to find the courage to live a life that is authentic, free, empowered and radiantly alive.