Shadow Work – Healing the Fragmented Self

Shadow Work – Healing the Fragmented Self

Wednesday, October 12, 2022 - 19:00 to 21:00
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Medicine Woman, Shamanic Practitioner, Retreat Leader, Author, Healer, Ceremonialist and Keynote Speaker
Shamanic, earth-centred practices are to be found in cultures throughout the world. Ancestral wisdom traditions have long celebrated the interconnectedness of all life, for all life is sacred.
In this two-hour online workshop we will explore the importance of shadow work in terms of shamanism, awareness and healing. Through process work, guided visualisations and a shamanic drum journey, we will explore our own personal shadow and how this aspect of self, once reclaimed, can transform our lives in remarkable ways.
The shadow represents the aspects of ourselves we no longer claim to be our own, including inherent positive qualities. Our shadow is everything within us that we have disowned, avoided, and kept in the dark.
We all turn away from pain at some stage in our life, yet when we come to understand that all pain is a doorway to our awakening – authentic healing, empowerment & transformation can occur. The shadow aspect within each one of us contains our power, gifts and creative potential.
Exploring the shadow gives us tremendous opportunities for growth, healing, awareness and personal development.
  • Shadow work in shamanism
  • Dark nights of the soul
  • Gifts of the shadow
  • Spiritual emergence and shadow work
  • Understand: projection, transference, identification & social masks
1) Improved Relationships
As you integrate your shadow, you see yourself more clearly. What was once hidden is brought to the light of day to bring clarity, power and awareness. You become more compassionate and whole. You may also notice an improvement in your relationships with your partners, family members, friends and business associates.
2) Clearer Perception
In seeing others and yourself as you are, you’ll have a cleaner lens with which to view the world. As you integrate your shadow, your authentic self begins to emerge, which gives you a more realistic assessment of who you are and what you’re creating in your life. You’ll see others and yourself with greater clarity, compassion, and understanding.
3) Enhanced Energy and Physical Health
With shadow work, you liberate a tremendous reservoir of energy you were unconsciously investing in to protect yourself. This can improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. Shadow work can bring you inner strength and a greater sense of balance, making you more equipped to take on life’s challenges.
4) Psychological Integration and Maturity
As long as we deny our shadows and repress certain parts of ourselves, a sense of wholeness and unity is elusive. Integrating the shadow brings you one step closer to realising a sense of wholeness. It’s a critical step to achieving mature adulthood.
5) Greater Creativity
One of the greatest benefits of shadow work is that it unlocks more of your creative potential. Creativity, as psychologists like Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers found, is a spontaneous occurrence in mentally healthy, whole and integrated individuals.
About the speaker, Beata Alfoldi

Beáta is an international retreat leader, medicine woman, workshop facilitator, author, shamanic practitioner, sound healer, ceremonial leader, seer and keynote speaker with a gift for assisting individuals through deep transformation.

She facilitates private sessions, workshops, online mentorship programs and international retreats, and is regularly invited as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator at many festivals, events and seminars.

Beáta contributed a chapter to the book; Shamanism for the New Millennium, which became an Amazon #1 Bestseller. She is also featured in the upcoming documentary film – ‘The Heroine's Journey’, which is due to be released globally.

Beáta is a grounded facilitator who is both empathic, loving and decisive in her approach to group and individual interactions.

Beáta creates grounded and transformational spaces that offer evolutionary opportunities to others for growth and is used to working with the deepest wounds in people – emotional and otherwise. She is considered by many to be a ‘spiritual midwife’ and helps people to birth their authentic nature.

Beáta also has a profound aptitude with shadow work which enables people to embrace their own shadow and step into their creative potential – using techniques that are both deeply healing, empowering and transformative.

Beáta has not only experienced but has also healed and transformed her life from enormous grief and challenges – including the loss of her only son in childbirth. She is a compassionate, wise, grounded, fierce and loving guide for your journey.

Beáta currently lives in the mountains of Sintra, Portugal and travels the world to offer her work. She is passionate about inspiring individuals to live a life that is authentic, free, empowered and radiantly alive!


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