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Sonia Choquette
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About the speaker

Global author and speaker, Sonia Choquette is the most highly regarded expert in the field of intuition. Over the course of forty years, she has become a world-renowned intuitive guide and spiritual teacher. Author of 27 New York Times or International best sellers, her books have been published in 37 languages and 40 countries and have been read by over one million people.

Sonia’s work has been featured on Hay House radio, Oprah radio, Inc., ABC, FOX, Shape, Gaiam, and Wall Street Journal Live. Her teachings have attracted the love and admiration of nearly 500,000 social media followers and over 100,000 course students from all over the world.

With a unique melding of compassion, humor, and tell-it-like-it-is-ness, Sonia brings all of her intuitive experience and human understanding to help her global audience reconnect with their Spirit, Guides, and inner vibes. Her mission is to help others feel whole by using all of their senses to create a life that is intuitively guided, empowered, authentic, and meaningful.