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Steven Washington
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About the speaker

STEVEN WASHINGTON has been teaching QiGong alongside Lee Harris at his Energy Mastery events since 2015. From the many participants at these events, and in his one-on-one sessions, Steven has  found that this gentle movement practice is a brilliant, effective tool for empaths and intuitives to balance themselves and shift energy within their body. It assists any transformation within yourself and your life by restoring you back to peace and balance.

Steven’s life-long passion and a key foundation to his own spiritual fitness has been movement. Having had a long career touring the world as a contemporary dancer, and also appearing on Broadway (and touring productions) in Disney’s The Lion King, he knows how vital our relationship with our body is for emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

Steven is a certified Lee Holden QiGong instructor and has taught groups and individuals for over 20 years in Pilates, Dance, Physical Fitness and QiGong. His study of Chinese medicine and certification as a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist has added to his knowledge of the body. 

Past events
3rd March 2021