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About the speaker

Reggie Hubbard is the founder and Chief Serving Officer of Active Peace.  He is a gifted strategist, teacher and communicator with an innate ability to inspire change and simplify chaos. The guiding principle behind his work has been a commitment to truth telling, healing, social justice and holding space for transformation– as an activist, organizer, teacher and human being.

He began yoga and meditation practices under extreme emotional distress at work. Through the blessing of ancestral guidance, consistent practice and curiosity he offers peace practices to all walks of life through sound, asana, meditation, wisdom sharing and community care.

Reggie has taught diverse audiences ranging from major yoga festivals to Members of Congress and Congressional Staff; labor unions to established yoga institutions; non-profits to major corporations.  He is a featured speaker/thought leader on politics, social justice, and civic engagement for leading publications, podcasts and platforms including: Be Here Now Network, Kripalu, Mind and Life Institute, Omega Institute, Sedona Yoga Festival, SoundsTrue, Upaya Zen Center, Wanderlust, the Wellbeing Project, Yoga Alliance, Yoga International and Yoga Journal.

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