Kenny Mammarella D'Cruz

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Kenny Mammarella D'Cruz
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About the speaker

Kenny Mammarella D'Cruz has been a full time personal development consultant for 30 years and has held MenSpeak mens groups for 20 years.

The goal of his work is to inspire people on their life-paths in alignment with their purpose, their passions and their authentic personal power, using awareness from the past as fuel in the present moment.

Kenny's groundbreaking men's groups have been featured in mainstream TV and radio documnetaries the world over.The 'Daily Express' has described him as “coach, consultant and guru of all things men”. 'Newsweek' quoted him in their cover story article, and wrote 'The Man Whisperer' chapter about his work in their book about men.


Upcoming events
13th February 2020
Past events
9th January 2020