Sacred Oils

Sacred Oils

Saturday, April 9, 2016 - 13:00
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Felicity Warner Founder of SOUL MIDWIVES™

Working with sacred oils is a 4,000 year old mystery school tradition.

 These oils are nothing to do with modern aromatherapy oil  but are powerful tools for deep  transformation, healing and  consciousness.

The knowledge of this secret tradition are passed from master to master -only a handful of people across the globe currently hold the knowledge of working  with these exquisite oils . This workshop  offers a rare glimpse of the potential of this work.

Felicity Warner, well known for her pioneering soul midwives work with the dying, is a mistress of the oils.. or “ myrophore” ( one who works with Mryrhh). Following the Mary Magdalene lineage she uses oils to heal soul wounds , heal the light-body, to work as psychopomp and  shape shifter.



About the speaker, Felicity Warner

Felicity Warner, founder of the global Soul Midwives Movement, lectures both nationally and internationally and runs The Soul Midwives’ School, based in Dorset. Its unique training programme teaches holistic and spiritual care for the end of life.

She has won many awards for her work with the dying and created the idea of soul midwifery after sitting with many hundreds of people at the end of life. Her pioneering work has brought a new dimension to holistic and spiritual palliative care, both in the UK and abroad (there are now soul midwives working in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa).

She was named “End of Life Care champion” by the National Council for Palliative Care and also in “End of Life Doula”in 2017 as well as being of the year and was named an Inspirational Woman of the Year by the Daily Mail.

She is author of four acclaimed books – Gentle Dying and A Safe Journey Home, The Soul Midwives’ Handbook and Sacred Oils- 20 Precious Oils to heal Spirit and Soul and was made an honorary knowledge exchange fellow of The University of Winchester in 2014 .

She explains: ‘My aim is to have a Soul Midwife in every hospital, care home and hospice within the next five years in the UK. We now have over 800 Soul Midwives in the UK"

Soul midwives employ sophisticated knowledge of the dying process to ease the passage towards death and bring relief from fear and suffering. Felicity is a passionate campaigner for raising standards of care at the end of life.

From volunteering in local hospices and working one-to-one with dying people in the last days of life, she developed the Gentle Dying method( now called TLC) which offers comfort when medicine has reached its limits. It can be learned and used by any one, in any care setting, to make death a peaceful and dignified experience.

She runs large workshops at public events including the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival in London, Alternatives, the College of Psychic Studies, London, Universities and hospitals including the Royal Marsden in London.

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