PR & Media Skills for the Holstic Professional - Janey lee Grace

PR & Media Skills for the Holstic Professional - Janey lee Grace

Sunday, September 27, 2015 - 13:00
Personal Growth
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Get your authentic message out there!

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Are you an author (or would like to write a book!) Coach, Therapist, Heart centred business owner and want visibility for your work?

 Janey will offer insights into what journalists / producers are looking for and importantly what they aren’t! You will leave knowing – 

  • What journalists want
  • How to pitch to them
  • How to prepare yourself for an interview 
  • How to ‘take control’ of an interview 
  • How to lose your inhibitions, and the importance of voice techniques to make you confident in the way you sound
  • The secrets of good ‘sound bites’

The techniques of VISUAL PRESENTATION are hugely important in everyone’s perception of you and your work. Whether you’re making YouTube productions for your own site in front of your ‘flip’ recorder or a TV camera in this masterclass you will learn how to create a powerful impression in front of a camera.   Plus - learn what (and what not) to wear to create the perfect image for your brand and winnng on-camera techniques and body language secrets  

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