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Growing up in a musical family, Sam’s father would play a diverse range of records from artists such as Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, and Stevie Wonder. In Sam’s most formative years, his father took him to all different kinds of concerts on a regular basis. Sam was deeply inspired by his eclectic exposure to music and curious about the creative path of artistry. By the age of 12, Sam had formed his first band and went on to play in the UK scene for some years before going solo.

Sam eventually came to meet his spiritual teacher, Mooji Baba, in Portugal. Meeting and deeply connecting with Mooji was an incredibly impactful part of Sam’s path. While living and studying at Mooji’s ashram ‘Monte Sahaja’, Sam would often partake in the contemplative practice of Satsang as one of the attending musicians.

The 2019 single ʻLight of Your Graceʻ and 2021 album ʻRoot Down Deepʻ co-created with fellow spiritual sojourner Mollie Monedoza was born from this chapter, and after experiencing the effervescence of life in Portugal, Sam decided to move there. Mooji’s teachings continue to have a profound effect on Sam’s life, which can be found woven throughout the message and essence of his music. Sam’s music is a reflection of his life’s journey thus far, and as his life continues to unfold, his eclectic library of inspirited sounds continue to expand.

During the pandemic Sam connected to Rastafari wisdom and livity, a connection that has always had a deep place in Sam’s heart. He was inspired by the teachings and example of Haile Selassie and the spirit of Rastafari, which gave solace and comfort during these difficult times. Songs started to come through and an album was taking shape inspired by a call for deeper introspection and unity in a time of separation and division. His new album ‘Forward to Zion’ album is released in 2023.


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