Wild Power - Part 2

Wild Power - Part 2

Sunday, December 3, 2017 - 10:30 to 17:00
Personal Growth
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Day 2: Menstruation - discover the Inner Temple of women

Women have the potential to experience deep states of altered consciousness and visionary power naturally at menstruation.

In this workshop we reveal your inner spiritual architecture – how you are coded for spiritual awakening. Learn to work with the energy map of the menstrual cycle, and the five ‘phases’ of menstruation itself to discover your birthright as a woman - the capacity to experience bliss, love, union and ecstasy naturally.

“This stuff is so groundbreaking yet so fundamental to being a woman. Life will never be the same again!”

This workshop stands alone, but we highly recommend you do both Wild Power, part 1 on Dec 2nd and Part 2 in order as they work together as a highly integrated process. If you have already attended a workshop with us, we encourage you to revisit Wild Power, Part 1  before doing Part 2 if you can as a deeper layer of the work can unfold.

In this workshop you’ll:

  • Discover the Five Chambers of Menstruation - another of our key 'maps' for unlocking the spiritual potential of your cycle
  • Explore the 'chambers' and your relationship to them
  • Unpack the different states of consciousness that are available at menstruation, and how to care for them better
  • Learn about the power of the menstruation for transformation—an inner wellspring of love, bliss and ecstasy - that restores you a wonderful sense of wellbeing and rightness within yourself.
About the speaker, A.Pope and S.Wurlitzer

Co-directors of Red School, Alexandra and Sjanie have developed a radical new approach to women's health and wellbeing, creativity, leadership and spiritual life based on the power of the menstrual cycle.

With combined expertise in the fields of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, coaching, embodied movement practices, teaching and facilitation, we are published authors and experts in the field of women's wellbeing and spirituality.

Our most recent book is Wild Power: discover the magic of your menstrual cycle and awaken the feminine path to power, published by Hay House (April 2017).

Between us we have spent forty years exploring and learning about menstruality from our own deeply lived experience and the collective knowledge we have gathered from working with thousands of women. Pioneering this field, we have created the most comprehensive and life changing programme available to date, offering in-person workshops, online courses and professional training in the field of menstruality. 

We’ve been featured in countless radio and TV programs, documentaries and in print media worldwide. Working as a very creative and productive partnership, we bring liberal doses of irreverent humour and are not afraid to take an outspoken stance to help shift this outrageous taboo on women’s power.

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