Using Astrology’s Grand Cycles to Navigate Your Life Successfully

Using Astrology’s Grand Cycles to Navigate Your Life Successfully

Saturday, July 27, 2024 - 14:00 to 16:00
Personal Growth
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You probably heard about the infamous Saturn Return (ages 27 – 30) also know as “The 27th Club,” or maybe you experienced the “7 Year’s Itch?” Perhaps you remember your children going through the “Terrible Twos” which is no other the first Mars Return. Or maybe you have experienced some sadness or difficulties just before and during your birthday?


That’s your Solar Return, a time when you walk under two Suns instead of one.

Midlife Crisis? That’s another word for an astrological perfect storm of cycles: Uranus and Saturn oppositions synched with a Neptune and Pluto squares


All these examples are powerful astrological cycles or junction that while can be challenging also offer an opportunity for growth and evolution. Identifying and understanding these planetary alignment can help you better deal with these life crossroads and use them to your advantage. They can also serve as rungs your can use to climb up the ladder and reach your full potential.

In this workshop Gahl shares the major cycles and life patterns and what is the bets way to deal with them and provide practical tools to prepare and benefit from these cosmic milestones. Gahl uses examples from the life of notable personalities as well as countries to illustrate how these astrological cycles manifest.

No prior knowledge in astrology is needed.

  • What is Saturn Return and how does it relate to the 27th Club?
  • How can you surf Jupiter Return?
  • Why are birthdays so difficult?
  • What is Nodal Return and why are the Fates visit then?
  • How to make the best of Chiron Return?
  • Why are people 39-43 act crazy?
  • What is the astrological basis of the 7 Year’s Itch?


It is time to learn to surf the cosmic swells and take charge of your fate!


Gahl is available for private astrological readings while in London.

To book, please email him at


About the speaker, Gahl Sasson

Gahl Sasson makes Kabbalah, astrology and psychology engaging, illuminating, and fun. The way he sees Kabbalah is accessible to anyone from any faith and background. The innovative examples that he conjures up to illustrate these high concepts spurs his audience to laugh and then declare, Aha. Most of all, Gahl tells stories, relating a vast array of compelling myths from traditions across the globe to delineate the workings of the inner world.

His book, A Wish Can Change Your Life, (published by Simon & Schuster and co-written with Steve Weinstein), blends wisdom and metaphors from cultures across history and the entire world into an innovative blueprint for personal transformation and material enrichment. Gahl also conducts classes at the University of Judaism in Los Angeles and Tel Aviv University.

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