Soul Plan (Certified Practitioner Training) - Blue Marsden

Soul Plan (Certified Practitioner Training) - Blue Marsden

Friday, June 25, 2021 - 10:30 to Sunday, June 27, 2021 - 17:00
Personal Growth
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Certify as a professional Soul Plan Practitioner empowered to offer Soul Plan reading, clearing and alignment sessions.

This is an opportunity to certify as a professional Soul Plan Practitioner empowered to offer Soul Plan reading, clearing and alignment sessions.

Therapists, Counsellors, Life Coaches, Healers can immediately start practising professionally. However, no previous experience is required to come along and simply benefit from the healing gifts contained in this remarkably transformative course.


Soul Plan is a profound system of deep life journey analysis. From the vibrations in a birth name you will learn to chart a ‘star of creation’ which will illuminate a person’s unique core challenges, talents and goals in life even before you meet them.

Beyond this, the system also includes a simple formula for identifying the Soul Purpose and a transformational method for activating and aligning the Soul Plan (Soul Alignment) - connecting us to far more of our potential.

To share, connect and align someone with their Soul Plan is one of the greatest gifts we can offer another human being and ourselves.


During this 3-day course you will:


  • Understand yourself, clients, friends and family at a deeper level
  • Learn how to professionally present a Soul Plan ‘star of creation’ chart, learn to summarise a client’s Soul Purpose, receive the heart transmission to deeply connect you to this work, accelerate your growth and clear many redundant patterns
  • Get the opportunity to analyse and understand your own Soul Plan and receive readings and insights from likeminded co-participants as well as develop and gain confidence in connecting to your intuitive / channelling abilities
  • Become aware of the health implications of a chart e.g. which organs of the body need special attention, look at different methods and recommendations for healing / overcoming the life challenges each Soul Plan reveals
  • Learn to give and receive a Soul Alignment and Grace clearing - a process which for some opens a portal to what is often referred to as the Akashic records
  • Existing Practitioners will add a new or other spiritual dimension to your work aiding the clearing of a client’s core limiting beliefs, patterns and issues.


On completion you will:

  • As a therapist or healer, you will have prior understanding of new client’s potential issues around self-worth, boundaries, lack of direction, grounding, repressed anger, addictions, transferences, hypersensitivity to name but a few. You will also be aware of the nature of their talents and latent potentials such as creative abilities, healing attributes, intuitive gifts, expressive talents, networking skills, connection to animals, business acumen, leadership potential, teaching skills etc. as well as unusual characteristics which bring gifts and challenges such as being an empath or an otherworldly soul 
  • Be empowered having learnt step by step how to offer professional Soul Plan Readings, be eligible to obtain professional practitioner indemnity insurance and be invited to our online support through forum and community
  • Be equipped to initiate a transformative process which will be life changing for many clients bringing you great fulfilment through service


Praise for Soul Plan:

Tamara Bexley - Soul Plan Practitioner and Holistic Birth Hypnotherapist

I have now given countless Soul Plan Readings and each time it never

ceases to amaze me with its accuracy and healing qualities. I am so glad I

took this course because it has helped so many people connect with their

life purpose. It has also helped me on a personal level to connect with

and discover my other passion for dancing!


Emily Teague – Counsellor

I have really enjoyed this course and learnt so much in just 3 days. Blue Marsden is a fantastic teacher who makes it easy to let the information sink in very deep. I now feel totally confident as a Soul Plan Reader!


Anita Marshall - Soul Coach

Learning Soul Plan has been foundational in changing my life and business...

I found the Soul Plan course the most self-insightful course I have ever

attended. Knowing my soul plan has brought such awareness and clarity to my life.

But the power it has brought to my Coaching and Healing business has been truly amazing! Soul Plan is foundational in all my service offerings. The feedback I receive through using soul plan has been phenomenal.


Sonia Ramdev - Yoga and Meditation teacher 

Soul Plan is absolutely life changing! The training highlighted very clearly my core wound and fears and gave me the strength and healing to accept my issues as a valid part of myself. I also felt totally empowered as it pointed the way forward to embrace my gifts. I would never have fulfilled my dream of becoming a Yoga and Meditation teacher without taking this course. Now not only have I stepped into my role as a teacher but I have also learnt to help others align with their Soul Plan too.


Zaya Nubia - NLP Master trainer

An inspirational course which provided the clarity and purpose I was

seeking to validate my present career transition. The teacher Blue Marsden has an

energy which unifies a group, providing for all in a safe and inclusive environment, modelling excellent leadership and authenticity in a grounded manner steeped in spiritual essence.

James Bower - IT business developer

This has been the best and most enjoyable course I have ever taken.


About the speaker, Blue Marsden M.A.

Blue Marsden MA, is the Hay House author of Soul Plan a widely translated, spirituality bestseller (UK, US and Japan). He is an international teacher of contemporary counselling and spirituality and founder of the world-renowned Holistic Healing College London and Tokyo, which pioneers modern counselling training that integrates the latest healing modalities. 

Although Blue holds degrees in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, he has always been involved in the world of healing and energy medicine. He developed an interest in energetic practises as a teenager and has studied with Shaman from different traditions, receiving initiations from Tibetan Buddhist Lamas, as well as instruction on zen meditation in Japan. A long-time chi kung teacher, he has also developed his own healing movement system - Golden Spine 9.

In addition to managing a busy psychotherapy practice, Blue has also created innovative interventions using NLP, hypnotherapy, chi kung and sound healing, to enhance creativity for writers and performers and an anger management programme used by many schools. He is a great advocate of the benefits of silence and digital detox and usually conducts an annual silent retreat, incorporating yoga chi kung and meditation

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