SOLD OUT - Recovery - Book Launch

SOLD OUT - Recovery - Book Launch

Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 19:00
Alternatives says: 
We are honoured to welcome Russell Brand to Alternatives for the first time!

This is the age of addiction. Obvious addictions like drugs and alcohol, right through to socially acceptable chemicals such as caffeine, all the way to invisible and often endorsed addictions like work, stress, bad relationships and digital media.

We are facing an epidemic so all-encompassing that many of us don’t even realise we are in its grasp.

Recovery is a self-help book for everyone that will change your life. Offering a definitive guide to addiction from someone who has struggled with heroin, alcohol, sex, fame, food and staring at their phone, as if the answer is going to come from there… This important new book will help anyone who is an addict (or loves an addict) move towards recovery. 

With a powerful mix of honesty, humour and compassion, Russell Brand tells his intimate yet universal story and shares the practical advice and wisdom he has been taught through his fourteen and a half years of recovery. He speaks to those suffering along the full spectrum of addiction―from serious, life-threatening misuse of substances, to the subtler habits we use to hold our lives together, like food, technology or unhealthy relationships. 

Russell understands that addiction is amorphous and migratory. This book asks and addresses; ‘What pain is your addiction masking? Why are you running―into the wrong job, the wrong life, the wrong relationship?’ and most importantly ‘When are you going to recover the person you were born to be?’ 

Within the book Russell explores how the process of staying clean and connected is a daily process. He shares the practical toolkit that he uses himself, and offers a recovery plan to anyone who believes their life could be better. 

About the speaker, Russell Brand

Russell Brand is a comedian, writer and addict. He's been addicted to drugs, sex, fame, money and power. His documentary From Addiction to Recovery showed Brand to be both serious and knowledgeable about addiction and he has become a recognised spokesperson on the subject.

His recent work running the Trew Era Cafe, staffed by recovering addicts, showed him putting some of that insight into grassroots action to help those in recovery. In this book, Brand, a unique stylist and gifted writer, takes those insights further - to help all who struggle with addiction in a wider sense. This is Russell’s fourth book. He still performs as a comic and is studying for an MA in Religion in Global Politics.

He has 2 cats, a dog, a wife, a baby, 10 chickens and 60 thousand bees, in spite of being vegan curious. 

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