SOLD OUT! The Power of Silence

SOLD OUT! The Power of Silence

Monday, October 8, 2018 - 19:00 to 20:45
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Experience Braco's gaze for the first time in the UK

In the past 22 years Braco’s gaze has brought thousands of people into a state of inner balance, wellbeing and peace.

Braco is a man from Croatia who spontaneously discovered the ability in himself to help people through gazing at them. In an encounter with Braco, he stands on a podium and gazes in silence at the people in the group, standing in front of him. He does not offer any theory, philosophy or message. He has not spoken publicly since 2004 and has never given an interview to the media.

While gazing with Braco, many people feel a sense of deep peace, relief of stress and daily pressures, and a pleasant warmth streaming throughout the body. Braco does not consider himself a healer, as he does not decide who will receive help and does not focus on improving one certain problem. Yet his gaze seems to lift people to a level where we feel at home and where everything seems possible.

This evening will include a screening of the movie The Power of Silence followed by a gazing encounter with Braco.

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