Slay your dragons with compassion

Slay your dragons with compassion

Monday, October 19, 2020 - 19:00 to 20:30
Alternatives says: 
Book launch!

Faced with his daughter Melissa’s suicide, Malcolm realised that he had been using and teaching ten practices on a regular basis in his life and in his work and he has outlined these in his new book “ Slay your dragons with Compassion - ten ways to thrive even when it feels impossible".

These simple practices can be done by anyone with the willingness to face themselves and each of them has the potential to be life-changing. They include

*  “Bearing Witness “ - how to really hear another without trying to fix them ;

* “Finding your radar”. Most of us are led by logic and ignore the legitimate sixth sense of intuition.

* Letting your relationships educate you”. Upgrading our relationships and defining the skills inherent in that process.

* Creating a sangha ( a Buddhist term for community) Keeping company with others of like mind can support us through tough times.

* Slay your dragons with compassion” - How to face ourselves and others with authenticity and integrity.

This evening’s interactive talk will explore these practices and will show you how you can work with them yourself. 

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About the speaker, Malcolm Stern

Malcolm Stern originally trained in Humanistic Psychology and has been seeing groups, couples and individuals  for more than 30 years . He is a Co- Director and Co-founder of Alternatives and runs psychotherapy groups internationally.

He co-presented the Channel 4 series on relationships Made for Each Other in 2003 and 2004 and“ Slay your dragons with Compassion - ten ways to thrive even when it feels impossible" is his third book.

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