Show Up with Your Inspired Leadership

Show Up with Your Inspired Leadership

Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 11:00 to 16:30
Personal Growth
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How to show up with your own flavour of inspired leadership

A practical masterclass on inspired leadership with Nick Williams

Today, you can offer powerful leadership even when you don’t a formal position of leadership, and you don’t have to be superhuman and invulnerable. You can respond to your inner call and show up in any moment. It is a choice we can all make. Offering inspired leadership enhances the lives of the people you care about, and is one of the greatest privileges of being human. Your leadership can be the answer to some people’s prayers.


The true purpose of leadership is not only about commanding and controlling people, force, or winning at other people’s expense, or keeping people in their place. True, enabling leadership is about engaging, drawing out the best qualities, the power and the gifts in yourself and others. Inspired leadership helps to transform a thought system based on fear to one based on love and inspiration. It is about being the cause of more inspiration in the world.

During this packed masterclass, you will learn more life affirming and inspiring ways of offering leadership, including:

  • Identifying the key elements of your inspired leadership
  • The key differences between inspiration and motivation
  • How you can offer enabling leadership
  • How you can offer more honest and open leadership
  • Be inspired and happy to offer your leadership
  • How to recognize and overcome the resistance and temporary vulnerability you are likely to have to showing-up in your leadership
  • How a devotion to your own spiritual growth is crucial to your successful leadership
  • How you can develop your confidence to share power rather than try to keep people in their place
  • How you can cultivate your most powerful relationship with inspiration
  • How you access your courage to be bold, courageous and even spiritually audacious
  • Realise you do have what it takes to offer leadership

Nick will share practical ideas on how you can show up with your own flavour of inspired leadership and will share stories from his own life and the hundreds of people he has coached.

About the speaker, Nick Williams.

Nick is a leadership guide who helps people successfully blossom in to their leadership callings. He has been invited to speak to leadership, entrepreneurial, business and spiritual audiences in seventeen countries so far and by many household name companies like IKEA, BT, Johnson & Johnson, The Institute of Leadership and Management, IKEA, BBC, Yahoo, Just Eat, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Fosters, Mastercard and Deloitte Touche. People in leadership also hire Nick to coach them to clarify and unwrap the next chapter of their leadership callings.

Nick is also the author of 16 books including the best-selling The Work We Were Born To Do and was at the heart of Alternatives for 21 years. His next project is launching up the Inspired Leadership Academy.

When you attend this masterclass will also receive a personally signed copy of Nick’s sixteenth book Be Inspired. Be Inspiring. Be Yourself - Unwrapping your power to draw the best out of yourself and others, as a gift.

“Nick, I think you’re a great enabler, you encourage people to believe in themselves to the point at which they believe their dreams are possible. You lead people to a place where they can see the limitations they believed were in place in their lives were nothing more than illusions of their own creation and that the real truth is that there are endless opportunities for a rich and fulfilling life.


Liz Trubridge, BAFTA and Golden Globe winning Executive Producer of all six series of Downton Abbey and the upcoming film

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