The Scientist and the Shaman - Livestream

The Scientist and the Shaman - Livestream

Thursday, April 2, 2020 - 18:30 to 20:30
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An experiential LIVESTREAM with 2 inspirational teachers

To celebrate the launch of Ya’Acov’s new book – Shaman – Invoking Power, Purpose and Presence at the Core of Who YOU Are – we invite you to join us online for what will be a fascinating and enlivening evening of embodied enquiry with two engaging speakers and teachers, exploring the ever-closer relationship between science and shamanism.

The webinar will begin with a short meditation to bring us all to a condition of presence in the body, heart and mind and to allow you to find your personal intention for the evening.

Two short, interleafed talks will follow on the subject at hand. David and Ya’Acov will share their personal experience of each other’s disciplines and their own latest understanding of the crossover between them.

David will talk about the impact of the mind on the body and also explore the science of interconnectedness. Ya’Acov will talk about the rational mind and the imaginal world and the relevance of shamanism to our current opportunity/crisis as a species.

This will be followed by an embodied Movement Medicine journey through the Tree of Life (Ya’Acov) leading into a Quantum Field Healing meditation (David).

The evening will end with some time for questions and answers. 

About the speaker, David Hamilton + Ya'acov Darling Khan

David Hamilton has a PhD in organic chemistry and spent 4 years working in the pharmaceutical industry developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer. Inspired by the placebo effect, he left the industry to write and educate people on how to harness their minds and emotions to improve their health. He is now author of 10 books, including How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body, The Five Side Effects of Kindness, and the Amazon No.1 bestselling audiobook, I Heart Me: The Science of Self-Love. David is a popular columnist and the Kindness Tsar for Psychologies magazine. He has been featured on live TV, including Sunday Brunch Live in the UK and CBS Sunday Morning in the USA. David is also featured in the Netflix documentary, HEAL.

Ya'acov Darling Khan is the Co-Creator of Movement Medicine together with his wife Susannah. When he was 21, he was hit by lightning and through this, began a three-decade-long journey of shamanic initiation. He has been recognised as a practicing shaman by Elder Shamans from the Sami (European tradition), and Achuar and Sápara peoples of the Amazon. He is the best-selling author of Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart, the creator of Shaman’s Song - Shamanic Journeys to Empower, Inspire and Re-Connect, and the co-author of Movement Medicine - How to Dance, Awaken and Live your DreamsHis new book Shaman – Opening the Door Between the Worlds will be published by Hay House in Spring 2020.

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