The Science of Self Love

The Science of Self Love

Monday, November 16, 2020 - 19:00 to Monday, November 30, 2020 - 20:30
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3 part course with bestselling author Dr David Hamilton

Throughout these three sessions, you’ll learn about what self love is and how a lack of it can affect your life. You’ll also learn about the 3 stages of self love and how to move through them and some highly effective practical strategies for helping you to feel better on the inside and for creating a more positive vision of yourself.

You will gain an understanding of how your mind affects the body and how your body affects your mind, and how to use this dual understanding to quickly help you to feel different on the inside. 

You will also learn about the power of vulnerability, a strategy for dealing with feelings of shame, how to change your perception of your body image, and even how to drop self-judgement and self-criticism and replace them with self compassion, self acceptance, and a more positive mental image of yourself. 

You will finish the sessions with a more positive sense of yourself and a clear pathway for building on this in the future.


Session 1

- What self love is and why it matters

- The 3 stages of self love and where you are on the self-love scale

- How the mind-body-mind system works and how to put it into practice immediately.

- a strategy for creating your 'Best Self'


Session 2

- How and why there's power in vulnerability

- How to build resilience to shame

- How to feel better about your body image

- Why we want people to like us

- How to be more authentic


Session 3

- How to replace self judgement and self criticism with self compassion

- Making plans and actions for a self-love future.

- The 4th stage of self love


3 x 90 minute sessions, all at 7pm GMT, over three Mondays

  • Monday November 16
  • Monday November 23
  • Monday November 30 


About the speaker, Dr David Hamilton

David Hamilton has a PhD in organic chemistry and spent 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry, developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer. Inspired by the placebo effect, he left the industry to write books and educate people on how they can harness their mind and emotions to improve their health.

He is now the author of 12 books, including, ‘The Little Book of Kindness’, ‘How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body’, ‘I Heart Me’, the Amazon bestseller, ‘The Five Side Effects of Kindness’ and 'How Woo-Woo Works'.

David is featured in the award-winning documentary, ‘HEAL’. He appears regularly in the media and was recently featured on Channel 4’s live show, ‘Sunday Brunch’, in the UK and ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ in the USA.  David is the honorary scientific advisor for the charity 52-Lives, a charity that helps people through acts of kindness, and he is an advisor to the science board at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).

His new book The Joy of Actually Giving a F*ck: How Kindness Can Cure Stress and Make You Happy is released on 9th July 2024

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