Reclaiming Snake Healing Power & Wisdom

Reclaiming Snake Healing Power & Wisdom

Saturday, June 29, 2024 - 16:00 to 18:00
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Ken Cohen, M.A. is a renowned qigong and Tai Chi grandmaster from Colorado with more than 50 years’ experience

Learn the rare and powerful snake qigong from ancient China. These gentle movements teach you how to become supple, relaxed, and flowing like the snake, filled with resilient life energy. In Taoism, of all the animals, the snake most clearly represents qi, the breath of life, in the body, on the earth, and in the heavens. Close to the ground, the snake knows the healing power of herbal medicine. But when the snake flies, he/she becomes the dragon, whose voice and dynamic energy manifests in thunder and lightning.

Snake symbolism is universal. Think of Scotland's 800 AD Book of Kells with its striking snake illustrations or the yoga of the coiled serpent (kundalini) that awakens higher consciousness. Snakes are humanity’s ancient teachers of healing, renewal, and wisdom. In this intensive class, you will learn a highly enjoyable snake qigong wellness routine and discover a path to deeper harmony with nature and the Tao. 

About the speaker, Ken Cohen M.A

Kenneth Cohen (Gao Han), Qigong Grandmaster and Taoist scholar, has been practicing Chinese healing, contemplative, and martial arts since 1968. He is the author of The Way of Qigong and more than 200 articles on spirituality and health. In 2003 Ken was the recipient of the Alyce and Elmer Green Lifetime Achievement Award in Energy Medicine. He lives at 9,000 feet elevation in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, grateful for the inspiration, energy, and beauty of nature.

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