Radiant Body, Awakened Mind

Radiant Body, Awakened Mind

Monday, January 29, 2018 - 19:00 to 20:30

Who does not want to have an uncluttered, intelligent mind and a bright, strong, flexible and sickness-free body as we go through our life?

Medical evidence shows that how we age is mostly determined by our lifestyle choices, rather than with heredity. Modifying factors such as diet and exercise give us a sacred opportunity to change the course of ageing and disease. But there is so much more!

In this evening seminar, we explore the power of the Three Treasures of Life and how we can increase these Life Nourishments to enhance our daily existence , increase the levels of happiness and fulfil our purpose.

I. JING : Physical Essence, the foundation of vibrant and balanced health.

II. CHI : The Universal life force, that keeps every living thing “Alive”.

III. SHEN : The Spirit or the Spark of the Will. Enabling us to sharpen the focus and concentration of the will and expand the consciousness.

We will share together the Infinite Arts of Tai Chi and Chi Kung to open and nourish our energetic systems - the Chakras and Meridians, and Infinite Meditation to calm and clear the mind, restoring its natural creative power 

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