Qigong Animal Frolics: Balance of the Crane, Strength of the Bear

Qigong Animal Frolics: Balance of the Crane, Strength of the Bear

Saturday, August 20, 2022 - 16:00 to 18:00
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Ken Cohen, M.A. is a renowned qigong and Tai Chi grandmaster from Colorado with more than 50 years’ experience.

These gentle yet dynamic exercises are meditation in motion and connected to the Taoist quest for longevity, health, and peace. Learn a complete qigong wellness routine, based on the balance and grace of the Crane and the rooted strength of the Bear.

By practicing these ancient postures and movements, we awaken an ancient part of ourselves and the Paleolithic wisdom of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. We find the spirit of the animals within, and, like them, learn how to connect to the healing power of nature.

Created by the second century doctor of Chinese medicine, Hua Tuo, the Animal Frolics are the oldest healing exercises in the world and the standard against which other qigong methods are measured.

The course requires no previous experience. Beginners and all levels are welcome.

About the speaker, Ken Cohen M.A

Ken Cohen, M.A. Qigong and Tai Chi Grandmaster has practiced these arts since 1968. He is the winner of the International Lifetime Achievement Award in Energy Medicine and is the author of The Way of Qigong (Penguin/Random House) and more than 200 articles on spirituality and health. Ken was the first person to teach qigong in North American medical schools and has been hosted by numerous health and cultural organizations. A bridge between ancient wisdom and modern science, Ken is known for his friendly and engaging teaching style. 

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