The Power of Astral Projection

The Power of Astral Projection

Monday, April 29, 2019 - 19:00 to 20:30
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Jade Shaw is a rising voice in the area of consciousness beyond the body

How Would You Feel If You Knew For Sure That You Are More Than Your Physical Body, Part Of An Interconnected Universe, And That Death Is Just A Doorway? This Was A Revelation Jade Had From Her First Out Of Body Experience And In This Talk She Shares Her Personal Story Alongside The Transformative Effects Of The Practise.

Learn what current science has to say about consciousness beyond the body, what spiritual traditions have practised for centuries and how it can impact your everyday life. Astral projection is when a part of our consciousness/awareness appears to project out of our physical body and journeys within in a different level of reality.
We can connect with people, places and events outside of linear space and time for healing, knowledge and guidance.
What are the benefits?
  • Spiritual awakening: evoke personal change, explore consciousness beyond matter
  • Life Insights: receive insights and realisations, connect to a higher universal awareness
  • Interconnectedness: communicate with people and places beyond linear space and time
  • Transforming Fears: transform fear reactive patterns and overcome limitations in everyday life
  • Conscious Dying: release the fear of dying and cultivate compassion at the point of death
Jade Shaw is a rising voice in the area of consciousness beyond the body and is currently researching the Out of Body Experience (OBE) as part of her Msc in Transpersonal Psychology. Propelled by a powerful OBE she left a 12 year career in the arts to talk about and teach workshops on the state for psychological & spiritual growth.
Jade believes this ancient practise is at the cutting edge of self development and can radically shift our state of consciousness influencing the way we live our lives. She draws on personal experience, academic research and spiritual traditions offering a grounded view of this phenomena.
She receives guidance from Lama Yeshe Rinpoche of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and has trained with expert Graham Nicholl’s, the Mindfulness Association, International Association of Consciousness and the renowned Monroe Institute. She is a member of the Science & Medical Network and is a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow.
About the speaker, Jade Shaw

Jade is an Out of Body Experience (OBE) teacher that advocates non-ordinary states of consciousness for personal and collective change. Following a life-changing OBE, she left behind a successful career in the arts to study the phenomena as part of an Msc in Transpersonal Psychology. She went on to consult for the Netflix series Behind Her Eyes and produced Insight Out, a film featured on Gaia TV. Her unique mindfulness-based approach to OBEs has attracted the attention of the UK press and prompted invites to lead events in Europe, Asia and the US. Besides that, Jade has undertaken a pilgrimage around India, a shamanic retreat in Peru, and trained with the Mindfulness Association and the renowned Monroe Institute.

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