Living Tantra

Living Tantra

Monday, November 22, 2021 - 19:00 to 20:30
Personal Growth
Alternatives says: 
Jan Day is interviewed by Malcolm Stern about her new book Living Tantra

Leading Tantra teacher Jan Day is interviewed by Malcolm Stern, co-founder of Alternatives, about her recently published book Living Tantra - a journey into Sex, Spirit and Relationship (Watkins).

Living Tantra is the book that Jan Day has always been destined to write. It is a brilliant practical guide to Tantra packed with her own personal experiences and those of her students.

Jan and Malcolm will have an in-depth conversation about Living Tantra, tantra and what it means, and the transformative yet everyday nature of Jan's Tantra work. The session will include time for questions.

About the speaker, Jan Day.

Jan Day is a Living Tantra teacher, relationship expert and psycho-spiritual teacher. She has been teaching and leading workshops in Europe and Hawaii since 1999. She brings extraordinary warmth and compassion to her work in groups, with individuals and with couples focussing on intimacy, sexuality, self-love and growing consciousness. She creates a learning environment where people can get a vital education in communicating effectively, creating authentic intimate long-lasting relationships, understanding themselves and their sexual nature and how to find a warm hearted and healthy expression of their sensual nature.

Jan’s life and work have been influenced by both Eastern and Western spiritual teachers. She was a sanyassin of Osho for 15 years.Over a period of 20 years Jan trained and then taught with Alan Lowen, founder of _The Art of Being®. She has also been influenced by and/or worked with Jack Kornfield, David Deida, Ron Kurtz, Ken Wilber, Genpo Roshi, Thomas Hübl and Ammachi.

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