Living Gracefully in Changing Times

Living Gracefully in Changing Times

Monday, May 8, 2017 - 19:00 to 20:30

Grace is way more than just a beautiful state that fills your heart, re-connecting you to the love, peace and joy of your true nature. Grace is an invitation to become more spiritually mature, grounded in deeper reality so we can remain calm amidst the chaos and walk this world in wisdom.


In these times of unprecedented change across the globe, we are all called to grow deeper and broader roots inside as a great tree does, so that we may be flexible with the winds of change, and perhaps even provide spiritual shelter for others. In this evening talk, Miranda will share insights on what it means to walk a truly integrated spiritual path in modern times. Speaking to the virtue of equanimity, Miranda will unpack what helps bridge the gap between the unchanging awareness of our true nature, and the relative, continually fluctuating nature of our bodies, emotions and world. How do we avoid the common traps of either becoming swept away in overwhelm, cutting off in fear, or using transcendent spiritual truth to bypass grappling with the personal and collective questions that do not have an easy answer? 


Miranda speaks from a feminine and integrated approach to non-dual awakening that emphasizes ego relaxation to inquire in and through our direct experience. How this provides a potent inner platform to integrate transcendent spiritual wisdom with our raw animal humanity, and live it as one integrated stream. Everything we encounter both within ourselves and in our world can be turned into the path of awakening. Please join us for a rich and relevant evening on taking the noble seat inside, how we can become divine human beings, and birth truth and beauty deeper into this world. 


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