The Healing Power of Crow

The Healing Power of Crow

Saturday, March 9, 2024 - 10:00 to 16:00
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Explore the ancient and mystical realm of the Crow

Alexandra de Angelis is an international CNHC registered Reiki Master/Teacher, holistic healing practitioner, seasoned intuitive, author and artist based in west London.

In this one-day workshop, explore the ancient and mystical realm of the Crow, our oldest ally in the natural world. Alexandra will introduce you to the rich tapestry of Crow symbolism


In this workshop, you will learn:

Crow Chronicles:

Uncover the fascinating stories of healing and kinship woven into the ancient alliance between humans and crows. Explore the intricacies of crow behavior and its role in fostering a sense of community


Symbolic Significance:

Journey through global myths, folklore, and traditions that feature the crow as a powerful symbol. Dispel common fears associated with crows and embrace their transformative and healing qualities.


Crow's Gifts:

Discover the extraordinary abilities of crows, such as their all-seeing perception through thought and memory. Explore how crows offer gifts of information retrieval, healing, and personal transformation.


Crow at the Heart:

Delve into the concept of the crow as a gateway between heaven and the earth, exploring its role in the structure of the universe. Understand the profound connection between crow as a spiritual intermediary.


Crow Healing:

Engage in practical exercises for inner journeying and self-healing, tapping into the transformative energies associated with crows.


Shamanic Journey:

Embark on a guided inner journey with the spirit of the crow through meditation, rattling, kulning, drumming, chanting (galdr), and inner wisdom retrieval.


Integration Through Art:

Translate your personal inner journey into artistic expression.
Engage in a creative session where participants will craft artwork reflecting their experiences and insights gained during the workshop.


Each participant will receive a copy of Alexandra's book - The Healing Power of Crow 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect with the ancient wisdom of the crow,  integrating them into your personal healing journey.


About the speaker, Alexandra de Angelis

Alexandra is a London-based healer, author, and artist. Her mission is to hold a safe space for others to feel held, heard, and whole on all levels of their being; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

She uses gentle yet effective holistic healing modalities that answer a collective call for a more profound way to heal & reconnect to both the true self and to the natural rhythms of the world. From working on a 1:1 basis in her practice to corporate events and guest speaking, she links wellness, spirituality, and land-connectedness together in a grounded and engaging way. 

Alexandra is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher with both Usui Shiki Ryoho (Western style Reiki) and Usui Reiki Ryoho (Eastern style Reiki) lineages. She is CNHC registered, a member of the Reiki Federation and the Reiki Academy London, where she also began her Reiki teaching career. 

Aside from Reiki, Alexandra also offers other holistic healing techniques (Emotional Freedom Technique (emotional alchemy!) & Sound Therapy) & applies psychotherapeutic tools and techniques acquired from the study of hypnotherapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). 

As a culmination of over 25 years of experience working with runes, an ancient Germanic oracular alphabet, Alexandra has deepened her healing work by following a call to practice Seidr, the shamanic tradition of Northern Europe, under the guidance of renowned teacher, mythologist and wisdom keeper Andreas Kornevall. The runes offer symbolic sight, heightened perspective and they help us reconnect to the natural order of all things - this concept is central to Alexandra's work. 

Alexandra has always relied on her intuition and has practiced methods of divination and psychic enquiry such as tasseology (coffee reading), lithomancy (stone reading) and psychometry ever since she can remember. She has furthered her psychic and intuitive gifts under the guidance of psychic medium and teacher, Nicky Huntingford, Reiki Master and author Torsten A Lange.

Recently she published two books in paperback and Kindle edition: Falling From Glass Bridges (A collection of poetry on grief, healing & spiritual reconciliation), and Red Flag, Black Bird (her debut fiction novel).  

Alexandra's work ultimately weaves holistic wellbeing and ancient earth wisdom together. 

Following a turbulent period of time in her personal life where nothing was able to soothe her emotional pain, she discovered the transformative power of energy healing. She has special interest in breakthrough & reconciliation, grief, shadow integration, getting to the root cause of a problem, birth transition & postpartum work. 

Alexandra has volunteered in her local community for several years, running baby & toddler groups, fundraising for schools or serving refreshments & cheer in community spaces. She believes that healing & well-being is a communal effort. As a natural creative, she is happiest with paint on her hands. 

​Using her sense of symbolic sight, intuition & healing hands she is able to enhance the lives of others and for that, she's eternally grateful.

(Fully certified, insured, accredited, advance DBS check holder & Adult Safeguarding level 2 certificate)

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