Healing the Mother Wound

Healing the Mother Wound

Saturday, September 17, 2016 - 10:30
Personal Growth
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 Move Beyond What Your Mother Never Gave You and Become The Woman You’re Meant to Be 

As daughters, the relationship with our mothers is one of the most significant in our lives, impacting everything from how we view our bodies to what we feel capable of creating in the world. Feeling anger and sadness towards our mothers when she did not meet our needs is natural, yet often stigmatized in our culture, preventing us from moving into our full power as women. Accepting our mother’s limitations frees us to claim our inner gifts, without guilt or shame. This event offers a sacred space for women to examine the mother wound and explore how it can be transformed from a source of pain into a source of wisdom.

What’s covered in this 1-Day workshop:

What the mother wound is
How it manifests in our lives
The cost of not healing the mother wound
The benefits and results from healing it
The 7-step process of how to heal the mother wound
Group and individual exercises to explore this issue
Tools and resources to use after the workshop

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About the speaker, Bethany Webster

In 2013 Bethany Webster published an article entitled “Why it’s Crucial for Women to Heal the Mother Wound” based on a body of work she had been developing in isolation over the course of 15 years. Overnight, the article went viral as women around the world shared it on social media, discussed it with their friends, and began referencing it in new blogs and podcasts. 

Although work by writers such as Adrienne Rich had touched on the concept of a Mother Wound, no one had yet fleshed out exactly what the Mother Wound is and why it remains a universal experience of women the world over. Bethany's work addresses a crucial gap in our understanding of women’s psychology and empowerment by comprehensively defining the Mother Wound and how it manifests in women’s lives.  

Through blending cutting-edge research on intergenerational trauma, feminist theory, and psychology with her own personal story, Bethany's work is the result of decades of research and her own journey of healing. Bethany speaks, consults and mentors around the world sharing her growing body of work that is raising the standard of women’s leadership and personal development. 
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