Five Element Qigong: Renew and Refresh

Five Element Qigong: Renew and Refresh

Saturday, February 3, 2024 - 17:00 to 18:30
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Qigong Grandmaster and Taoist scholar

The ability to gracefully adapt to changes in the external or internal environment is one of the keys to health and happiness. Tomorrow, 4th Feb is Li Chun, Springtime Established, in the Chinese calendar, when the energy of the north and the icy water element is slowly replaced by the east and the wood element of springtime.

In this class, Ken Cohen will personally guide you in Taiji Five Element Qigong, a comprehensive healing meditation that balances the energy of the five elements, five organs, and the influences of the planets on health. It is taught in China for general well-being but also as a form of complementary cancer care and prevention. This will be followed by a discussion of various ways of applying Five Element Theory to enhance emotional and spiritual harmony.

About the speaker, Ken Cohen M.A

Kenneth Cohen (Gao Han), Qigong Grandmaster and Taoist scholar, has been practicing Chinese healing, contemplative, and martial arts since 1968. He is the author of The Way of Qigong and more than 200 articles on spirituality and health. In 2003 Ken was the recipient of the Alyce and Elmer Green Lifetime Achievement Award in Energy Medicine. He lives at 9,000 feet elevation in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, grateful for the inspiration, energy, and beauty of nature.

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