Family Constellations – Healing the Family and Ancestors

Family Constellations – Healing the Family and Ancestors

Monday, September 7, 2020 - 19:00 to 20:30
Personal Growth
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Learn how Family Constellations work can be profoundly healing

This evening, Jill Purce will intoduce how family constellations may heal the resonant fields of your family and ancestors, unlocking persistent patterns so that order and joy is restored.

When ancestors or family members have died or left the family young or under unusual or difficult circumstances — such as accidents, suicides, wars, addictions, emigrations, incarcerations, adoptions, abortions — these or other traumas of separation cause painful patterns of exclusion to be frozen in time, trapped in the unconscious field of the family, and can become like magnets, which later generations may be drawn unconsciously to repeat.

As a current family member, you may find yourself doing things which make no sense in the context of your own life, until you discover which earlier family member you are following.

These inherited patterns create powerful unconscious compulsions. By honouring and restoring the excluded ones, you re-establish the integrity of the field, dissolving the trans-generational tendencies and liberating the living, their children and future generations. This work can be intense, oracular and profoundly healing and seems to restore aspects of the psyche closed to normal therapeutic methods.

About the speaker, Jill Purce

Jill Purce is a pioneer of both Sound Healing and Ancestral Healing and Family Constellation movements, through her rediscovery of ancient vocal techniques as re-enchanting transformational tools. Her constellation work resolves and removes inherited ancestral traumas.  

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