Conscious Meditation

Conscious Meditation

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 - 10:30
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Life Wisdoms That Could Change Your Life and Enhance Your Happiness

"I believe that together all conscious people can help create a bridge." - Tony Samara

I have been practicing and teaching meditation for 35 years as part of a healing tradition that stems back 5000 years and is now being investigated by Neuroscience as a very powerful modality for healing many of today's ills. The mind-body-spirit events that I conduct are designed to give you the practical tools you need to experience greater health, vitality, and wellbeing in everyday living.

Whether you’re interested in your own transformation or want to learn the latest in mind-body medicine to help your clients, Conscious Meditation will help you create a lifestyle that supports your deepest intentions to become more vibrant, healthy, and alive – at any age. You will gain practical tools and an understanding of meditation so as to make the most relevant and discerning healing choices.

This event offers:

  • Talk/Satsang interspersed with Energy Exercises, Visualisations and Meditations.
  • Belly Breathing techniques to become Mindful, especially of Emotions and Energy.
  • Posture Practices and the Scanning the Body Meditation.
  • Healing Energy Movements and Mantras.
  • An Understanding of How Meditative Walking and the Above Practices affect the Brain.

What benefits will you get from this event?

  • How to make Spiritual Practice a Habit and thus Integrate Equanimity and Loving Kindness into your Art of Living.
  • A Deepening of your Meditation Practice, the Discovery of the Mind's Natural Healing State and the Ability to Let Go of a Toxic Lifestyle.
  • Knowledge of how to Tap into your Hidden Inner Reserves and Potential, using the Latest Information in Neuroscience.
  •  Release the Stress and Inner Obstacles to Balanced Living and Invite Effortless Healing and a Calm Mind into your Everyday Life.

Testimonial: A remarkably down-to-earth Master of meditation whose energy transmission and healing voice invite a natural healing that is best experienced firsthand.

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