Better Eyesight Naturally: An Overview of the Eyebody Method

Better Eyesight Naturally: An Overview of the Eyebody Method

Saturday, July 18, 2020 - 16:00 to 18:00
Personal Growth
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Join Peter in this overview to learn that it’s not the eyes that see, but the brain.

Peter teaches that brain function can change, therefore eyesight and vision are flexible and can follow the changes of the brain. The Eyebody Method coordinates physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of seeing. Glasses or surgery address the symptoms, not the causes of visual dysfunction.

Peter will explain how the Eyebody Method can be beneficial in addressing many vision problems such as:

• myopia (short-sighted),

• presbyopia (middle-age vision),

• hypermetropia (far-sighted),

• astigmatism,

• cataracts,

• floaters,

• squints,

• light-sensitivity,

• macula degeneration, and

• glaucoma.

Eyebody is not just for people with vision issues though, people with good eyesight can benefit greatly too.

Enjoy participating in this overview of how your brain, eyes and body can function together so that the need for glasses or contact lenses can be lessened or fully alleviated.


About the speaker, Peter Grunwald

Peter Grunwald is the creator of the Eyebody Method of vision improvement.

He was myopic and astigmatic from early childhood, with his first pair of glasses at the age of 3. He began to stutter and both his posture and self-esteem slumped.

In 1984 he began a 3-year full time professional training in the Alexander Technique (Australia) to overcome his stuttering and slumped posture. He emerged from this training with his stuttering vastly improved, a sense of postural and mental poise and increased self-esteem.

He went on to study in Germany with renowned vision teacher Janet Goodrich, PhD, and within 18 month was able to let go of his 10 1/2 dioptre-strong glasses. His discoveries of the first intrinsic associations between eyes and body followed in 1992 and let to high resolution in clarity. Since then he has continued researching and has developed a learning method in his own name.

Peter now consults privately, writes, and leads seminars in seven countries around the world. He lives with his family in New Zealand.

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