The Art of Astral Projection

The Art of Astral Projection

Saturday, October 12, 2019 - 10:00 to 18:00
Personal Growth
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Experience consciousness beyond the body and wake up to a limitless life

This interactive workshop offers practical techniques via a 3 step process to learn how to Astral Project. It draws on mindfulness, breathing and physical exercises to navigate the state so that you feel safe, equipped and empowered to start a home practise.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why the Out of Body Experience (OBE) state is a powerful self-realisation tool
  • Perspectives from both western scientific and eastern traditions
  • Why mindset and intention is vital to this practise
  • How to achieve ‘mind-awake body-asleep’ awareness (the prepatory state for an OBE)
  • How to harness the ‘vibrational stage’ prerequisite to OBE
  • When and how to use ‘exit’ techniques from the physical body
  • Sleep cycle planning
  • How to overcome fear in altered states of consciousness
  • What to expect in the environments beyond the body
  • How OBE practise benefits your daily life
About the speaker, Jade Shaw

Jade is an Out of Body Experience (OBE) teacher that advocates non-ordinary states of consciousness for personal and collective change. Following a life-changing OBE, she left behind a successful career in the arts to study the phenomena as part of an Msc in Transpersonal Psychology. She went on to consult for the Netflix series Behind Her Eyes and produced Insight Out, a film featured on Gaia TV. Her unique mindfulness-based approach to OBEs has attracted the attention of the UK press and prompted invites to lead events in Europe, Asia and the US. Besides that, Jade has undertaken a pilgrimage around India, a shamanic retreat in Peru, and trained with the Mindfulness Association and the renowned Monroe Institute.

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