The 5 Side Effects of Kindness

The 5 Side Effects of Kindness

Monday, April 24, 2017 - 19:00 to 20:30
Personal Growth
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Being kind is good for you... and for others!

We all know there are negative side effects of drugs but did you know that there are positive side effects of kindness? This evening, David Hamilton will share his latest findings on the subject.

The human body and mind is healthiest when we are being kind because we have 'kindness genes'. Scientific research now shows that being kind makes us happier and helps alleviate depression. It even helps reduce social anxiety. It also physically impacts the brain by altering neural circuits. Kindness also has a huge impact on the heart.

Just as stress hormones negatively impact the body, kindness brings about opposite effects. Its products (which David calls 'molecules of kindness') act directly on blood vessels to soften arteries, reduce blood pressure, improve blood flow to the heart and brain, and even help balance cholesterol. In a similar fashion, kindness also impacts ageing in several different ways, including the process of wrinkling of the skin and the gradual weakening of the immune system.

And if you ever doubted that you make a difference in the world, David will share some research that shows how kindness is contagious and that most acts of kindness impact many more people than the originally intended person or people.

About the speaker, Dr David Hamilton

About David:

I have a first class honors degree in chemistry, specializing in biological and medicinal chemistry. After completing my PhD, I worked for 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer. During this time I also served as an athletics coach and manager of one of the UK’s largest athletics clubs, leading them to three successive UK finals. Upon leaving the pharmaceutical industry, I co-founded the international relief charity Spirit Aid Foundation and served as a director for 2 years.

While writing my first book, I taught chemistry and ecology (and one math class) at James Watt College of Further and Higher Education and tutored chemistry at Glasgow University.

I’m now a bestselling author of 7 books published by Hay House, and offer talks and workshops that use science to inspire, fusing science, the mind, and spiritual wisdom. I also write a regular blog on my website as well as one for the Huffington Post.

I have been featured in numerous publications, including ELLE, RED Magazine, Psychologies, YOU Magazine, Good Housekeeping (both UK & US), and several newspapers.

You might wonder how I got into writing on the subjects I do. Well, I was fascinated by the placebo effect, how people improve through believing they are receiving a drug. Working in drug development exposed me to the placebo effect so I began to study mind-body interactions in my spare time. I decided to leave the pharmaceutical industry after 4 years because I wanted to write and speak about the mind, our abilities, and help people to believe in themselves more. And I also wanted to write and speak about kindness and spread the idea that a small group of people with compassion and kindness in their hearts can change the world.

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