360 Wisdom Programme

360 Wisdom Programme

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 - 13:00
Personal Growth
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This master class is facilitated by 360 WISDOM creator Claire Chidley who shares with you her 360 WISDOM model and how this can enhance your potential in ways you never imagined possible!

In the 21st Century we are moving into a world that where we are dealing with the effects of a more inter-connected and collaborative workplace and society.

In order to cope with these radical changes Claire believes that we need to possess 360 WISDOM: A higher-conscious power that creates wealth, well-being and equality.

In this 4 hour Masterclass learn how to make connections between your body-mind you’ve never considered before and begin to understand how you can be at the centre of you world, living your life, not letting life live you! 

This workshop will be in four components:  

One: The 360 Wisdom Model.

Introduction to the 360 Wisdom Circle with its four Quarters: THINK, FEEL, CREATE, BELIEVE and their meaning.   

Two: Home and Away Quarters

Description of the qualities, characteristics and behaviours of each Quarter 

Three: The Range States.

The Healthy, Average and Unhealthy Range States for each Quarter, their causes and effects.

A methodology for moving up the ‘States’.

Four: Balance regained

Moving round the circle: The Crystallisation process.

Forming the Diamond: The new consciousness 

The class will be packed with visualizations, ideas, practical tools and guidance to help you reach your potential and live a happy, fulfilled life.

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