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About the speaker

Chris Grimes is a highly sought after Communication Skills Consultant & Coach. He was last here with us at Alternatives with his Comedy Improvisation Company, INSTANT WIT running the very popular INSTANT WIT “Laughter Lab!” Workshop to explore the wonderfully liberating and life-affirming Comedy Improvisational Mindset of “yes and…”  Chris is a Drama Teacher, an Actor and a Comedy Improvisation Performer by training & background. He combines all three performance disciplines and applies them directly to his work as a Facilitator and as a Coach: In his own words: "I help business professionals - business leaders - and their teams to communicate better, so that they can get much more of what they want in their career progression through the enhanced quality of their communication skills. My Coaching is always in pursuance of “how to communicate so that others will listen” - and as a Leader: How to communicate so that others will follow. My particular passion, focus and expertise is on Personal Impact & Presence: What qualities do you transmit? How are you currently coming across - and what STORY do you tell?" Chris has also during this time been establishing himself as a “Mojo Coach” in that he can help - through his Coaching - with all things, Clarity, Direction, Motivation & Purpose.