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About the speaker

A message from Melanie.  My philosophy is not simply about surviving narcissistic abuse; it is about becoming a Thriver as a result of being narcissistically abused. It is about being able to detach, focus on healing yourself, become empowered and remove yourself from the narcissist's ability to affect or abuse you

My healing and self-development processes are not just about breaking free, they are also about evolving every area of your life to a far greater reality that it ever has been, even before you were narcissistically abused.

The Thriver process is revolutionising how we heal, as well as the understanding that narcissistic abuse and all the symptoms are NOT a sentence to years, decades or a lifetime of diminishment, pain and fear.

This is NOT true!

There is another model, a new model – and that is the Thriver Model, a model of effective healing that I passionately and personally live, stand for and have introduced thousands of people to with incredible success.

Please understand, there is more than just hope, no matter how bad things seem right now.

I want you to know and feel into the possibility that regardless of the losses, pain and damage you have experienced – whether the narcissist is an intimate partner, parent, family member, colleague – any abuser at all …. and whether you are still in the relationship or you left decades ago … whether you are 18 or 80 years of age, and regardless of whether you are a man, woman, straight or gay – I can help you heal.

My healing model is about so much more than just physical freedom. It is about creating freedom from pain and fear at every level.

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