Know Thyself - A Journey of Self Discovery - Greece

Know Thyself - A Journey of Self Discovery - Greece

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 - 16:00 to Sunday, October 2, 2022 - 11:00
Personal Growth
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4-Day retreat with Alternatives on the mystical island of Santorini

Using the Wisdom of the Enneagram to live an Authentic Life

Join Robert Holden on a 4-Day retreat with Alternatives on the mystical island of Santorini – working with the timeless wisdom of the Enneagram to help you understand yourself better, say YES to your soul’s calling, and live an authentic life.

The Enneagram has its origins in Greece. It’s one of the oldest wisdom paths on our planet (over 2000 years old). Here, in Greece, Robert will explore the original purpose of the Enneagram – and how to use it for opening up to higher inspiration, living a guided life, accessing innate soul gifts, releasing inner blocks, expressing your creativity, and living your soul’s purpose.

 Over four days, Robert will teach the basic anatomy of the nine personality types of the Enneagram – the helper, achiever, perfectionist, peacemaker – highlighting nine powerful principles from ancient Greek philosophy. He will also lead you on a creative soul meditation for each of the nine points of the Enneagram.


You will learn about:

Origins of The Enneagram – learning the Enneagram as a tool for higher consciousness on your spiritual path.

Enneagram Point 1: Theosis – use the Enneagram to experience your divinity, your inherent Goodness, and what Plato refers to as the Perfection of Creation.

Enneagram Point 2: Logos – cultivate a greater sense of relatedness, connection and love with all of creation.

Enneagram Point 3: Metanoia – work with the Greek myth of Narcissus to shift from identifying with your self-image to experiencing your soul nature more fully.

Enneagram Point 4: Hamartia – exploring Forgiveness to help us let go of our imagined sins, flaws and deficiencies.

Enneagram Point 5: Epinoia – open your mind to the possibility that you can “Google” divine inspiration and experience direct knowing by listening to your heart!

Enneagram Point 6 – Aletheia – spiritual practices for tuning in to spiritual guidance and trusting your intuition.

Enneagram Point 7 – Pleroma – stop chasing, grasping, searching for fulfilment and learn how to experience the inherent fullness that is here now.

Enneagram Point 8 – Kratos – work with the Greek myth of Hercules to surrender more fully to a higher power in your life.

Enneagram Point 9 – Anthropos – using the Enneagram to practice an incarnational spirituality that helps you show up more fully in the world and in your life.


This 4-day KNOW THYSELF retreat is ideal for you if you want to take a deep dive in your own spiritual journey AND if you want to invest in your own growth as a coach, therapist, healer, artist and teacher.


BONUS ON-LINE COURSE: As part of this Retreat, you get a FREE pass to LIVING THE ENNEAGRAM, a follow-up online event which features 3 online classes (90 minutes each) hosted by Robert. The purpose of this course is to help you integrate the work of the retreat into your daily life. You also get access to a dedicated Facebook group hosted by Robert.


NOTE: No previous experience of The Enneagram is necessary for this course. We recommend, however, you take an Enneagram Test to benefit fully. Please contact us for further details.


Booking: £2,600

“His knowledge and experience with this model of growth is vast and it’s given me a 
powerful context for my life.  When you take the time to learn about the nine points and your own personal number, you’ll uncover a clear path of development that will lead you to your most authentic and fulfilling life!”
Cheryl Richardson, New York times bestselling author of The Art of Extreme Self-Care



Breakfast, dinner, accommodation, all transfers, and teaching are included. Lunch is not included. Flights are purchased separately. Once your booking has been confirmed we will contact you with the recommended flights.


All deposits are non-refundable. We will be arriving on the 28th September for course commence 29th September. The course ends on Sunday 2nd October at 11am.


Any queries then please call us in the office on 0207 287 6711 or email


Robert Holden runs a public program of Enneagram workshops each year. He teaches Leadership & the Enneagram for clients such as Dove, Google, Virgin and Hay House.  He also coaches people privately on the Enneagram. Robert presented the annual keynote for the International Enneagram Association in 2009.  

Robert is a New York Times bestselling author of Happiness NOW!, Authentic Success, Shift Happens!, 
Be Happy, Loveability and Holy Shift!: 365 Meditations from A Course in Miracles and Life Loves You 
(co-written with Louise Hay).  His latest book, Finding Love Everywhere: 67 1/2 Wisdom Poems and Meditations, is published by Hay House in September 2020. 


“Being coached by Robert, and working closely with the Enneagram, has been an outstanding 
experience. I would recommend it to everyone.”

Alessandro Manfredi, President of Dove & The Real Beauty Campaign


About the speaker, Robert Holden

Robert Holden PhD is the best-selling author of Loveability: How to Love & Be Loved and Life Loves You (co-written with Louise Hay). Robert’s work on spirituality and psychology has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning Amerca, a PBS special called Shift Happens! and two major BBC documentaries.  Robert is a student of A Course in Miracles and the Enneagram. He has a passion for Christian mysticism and has led pilgrimages to Galilee and to Assisi. He hosts a weekly show on Hay House Radio called Shift Happens! 

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