Infinite Sound – Where Everything is Music

Infinite Sound – Where Everything is Music

Monday, January 25, 2021 - 19:00 to 20:30
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Join Chloe Goodchild in this uplifting concert and celebrate the Spring!

We warmly welcome you to this concert with Chloe Goodchild (Vocals) with acclaimed world musicians, Rebecca Nash (Piano) and Wayne Sheehy (Percussion & Strings). 

This will be an evening of deep listening, prayer and praise in celebration of the Spring. Chloe’s new sound and love songs – inspired by world mystical and wisdom traditions - explore the power of the human voice – spoken, sung and silent – as sound medicine for the soul, and sacred art form.

Discover a renewed aliveness, resonance and compassion through your own voice and sound, whilst resting in the nourishing presence of Chloe’s new music, devotional chants, world anthems, chorales and ecstatic love poems. Chloe will also be interweaving her magical new Deep Listening range of ‘Spoken Songs’ inspired by Rumi’s poems, and accompanied by acclaimed pianist, Rebecca Nash. Come and discover a new resilience in your authentic voice in celebration of the Spring Equinox at this unprecedented time on Earth

About the speaker, Chloe Goodchild

Chloe Goodchild is a pioneering singer and teacher who founded The Naked Voice in 1990. She has empowered thousands of individuals - online and in-person - around the globe ’to find their voice’, to communicate from Source, to listen without judging, to hear beyond the boundaries of fear, and to understand the human voice as both a metaphor for life, a therapeutic listening tool, and a spiritual practice.



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