Finding the Joy of your Wild Soul Singer

Finding the Joy of your Wild Soul Singer

Sunday, May 13, 2018 -
10:30 to 17:00

As a priestess, Heloise follows the path of devotion to

The Goddess, the figurehead for ancient earth-based spirituality, 

and for the modern revival of ‘Divine Feminine’ consciousness.

This new consciousness is characterised by contemporary

spiritual values like authenticity, co-operation, respect for

Mother Earth, compassion, creativity, community, openness, 

transparency and the honouring and expressing of feelings.


As a healing voice teacher, Heloise will guide you

to recover the primal power of your voice.


Heloise Pilkington is a singer-songwriter, sacred sound

priestess, voice teacher and versatile performer who

specialises in using her voice as a medium for

expression, healing and connection.

About the speaker, Heloise Pilkington

Message from Heloise: Music, singing, creativity and healing are my passions. I have journeyed with song, music and sound since I was a child, and finding my authentic voice has been my life's journey.

As a professional singer I co-created an a capella trio called The Madrigirls and we have had the privilege of singing to audiences throughout the country and all over Europe. Through this process I have learnt a great deal about what it means to communicate with people on a deep level through vocal sound. I am continually inspired by the power of the human voice as a medium for expression, healing and connection.

I have also had a life long interest in Spirituality and helping others to find their creative expression. After a profound spiritual awakening in my twenties I became interested in the evolution of consciousness and began exploring different modalities of healing.

I have worked with some wonderful teachers, who have shared their deep wisdom with me and taught me much along the way. I believe that all spiritual traditions have invaluable teachings and we are all called to own unique path.

It has become clear to me that right now my path of service is to assist in the awakening of the Divine Feminine consciousness on the Planet. Some people refer to this as the reemergence of the Goddess, or Goddess based spirituality.

As I understand it, this consciousness is calling humanity to live by a new set of values which involve co-operation over competition, creativity, community, spirituality and respect for Mother Earth. We are also being asked to relate with more openness and transparency, honouring feelings and our vulnerablity. The Divine Feminine is ultimately about love and the awakening of the heart.

As well as a value system to live by I also experience the Goddess as a tangible energetic reality. When I invoke or pray, I feel a vibrational shift in my body, particularly around the heart centre. When people say they feel the presence of the Goddess or Spirit, they are often referring to this experience of a shift in vibration. The feeling is often of warmth or love. As a Priestess I love to create space where people can experience this loving presence.

Right now I am very excited because for the first time in my life my two great loves, music and spirituality, have come together in one path.

One of the ways in which I love to invoke the presence of the Goddess is through my voice. For centuries, sound and song have been used as a bridge between the visible and invisible worlds. The church choir, pagan chant, Kirtan and Buddhist chant are a few examples of the ways in which people use sound to invoke the Divine spirit.

Whilst training as a priestess I felt moved inside to sing and chant my prayers. Sometimes these prayers erupted out of me as ancient primal sounds and songs, the only way my heart could express what couldn't be captured in words.
In time this became my spiritual practice and every morning I would sing and sound whatever was in my heart. I was also honoured to be asked to write songs and invocations for the seasonal ceremonies in The Glastonbury Goddess Temple, the first Goddess Temple in Europe for 1500 years and a registered place of worship.

My album, The Lady of Avalon, is a collection of some of the songs and invocations that I wrote during this period. Many of them were written within 24 hours of the ceremonies for which they were intended. They can be used for healing and ceremonial purposes, assisting you in finding your own connection to the Goddess. They can also simply be enjoyed as beautiful songs.

Heloise Pilkington

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